Time To Panic Ohio State Fans: Braxton Miller Officially Out For the Season

Rumors swirled last evening of a serious injury to Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller. An injury that could keep him out for the season. Things died down into the night with no real confirmation, nothing real specific other than “shoulder injury.” But then this morning, Ohio State denied all media requests, kept players and coaches away from reporters.

Then ESPN dropped the bomb at around 1 pm. A stake right through the heart of Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is out for the season after sustaining a right shoulder injury during Monday’s practice, a source told ESPN.

Miller had an MRI on his right (throwing) shoulder Tuesday morning, revealing the season-ending injury.

Ohio State’s schedule is quite easy at the beginning of the year. That should give redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett some reps before road trips to Penn State and Michigan State. But make no mistake about it, this is a huge, huge loss.

Miller was a 2.5 year starter, a player with serious big game experience. You don’t replace a guy like that, not when your offensive line is as young as Ohio State’s is. Couple that with a brutal road game at Michigan State, and well, a B1G division title is probably not in the cards.

Sorry Ohio State fans. That’s a gut-punch loss.