Braylon Edwards Dropped, Not By Ted Ginn

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12.27.11 2 Comments

One of the most obvious points that can be made – and surely has been made – about the San Francisco 49ers this season is that Alex Smith could be even better than his current just-good-enough status if he had a clear cut No. 1 receiver. Even without one, he’s still managed to put together a decent enough statline of 3,000 yards (most likely) with 16 TDs and only 5 INTs. Somewhere Trent Dilfer is nodding his head in approval.

The guy that was supposed to be that difference maker in the receiving corps was Braylon Edwards, who signed a sweetheart deal with the 49ers while rehabbing his knee. Turns out that knee never healed enough and Edwards couldn’t be the receiver the NFC West champs wanted him to be, and for that they released him today. Boy, I bet he’s super pissed about that. Give ‘em hell, Ol’ Dropsies.

“I was released today by the 49ers due to my injury that required more time to rehab and hasn’t allowed me to re-sync with the offense. I wish the 49ers organization the best of luck during the Playoffs. I will be working hard this off season to strengthen my knee and prepare for the 2012 season. Thanks for your continued support and for being such loyal fans.”

I suppose the first thing he’ll want to do is change that banner title on his website. But it’s cool that he holds no ill feelings toward San Fran and he’s willing to wish them luck. Now, though, the team is a man short and my choice for MVP, kicker David Akers, can’t carry this team all on his own like he did during the regular season.

So let’s go ahead and make our way down to the rumor bomb shelter and prepare for Terrell Owens rumors in 3… 2… 1…

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