Breaking: NBA Players Hate Preseason

10.13.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert…hang on second. Lemme double-check this…yeah, Gilbert Arenas still plays for the Wizards. Anyway, Arenas was just slapped with a fine earlier today after telling the media that he faked an injury to get teammate Nick Young into the starting lineup.

I went through the game last night, and the first time I heard about his comments, someone texted me last night at about 12:30,” [Wizards coach Flip] Saunders told Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro. “So that was more a surprise to me than anybody. My reaction was that was not what was told to me, that’s why it was a situation that was handled very quickly, not only in front of Gilbert but in front of the whole team. Actions were taken, and then what you do at that point, we have to move on.” –DC Sports Bog.

Ah, Gilbert. You’re so delightfully dumb. But his candor speaks to how little the players (in all sports) think of preseason games. Even LeBron had a “cramp” in his game against the Russians last night, which he called “very, very minor.” At least he was gracious enough to follow through on his own lie.

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