Brett Favre Predicts Aaron Rodgers Will ‘Finish Somewhere Else’ After The Packers Drafted Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers turned heads on the first night of the 2020 NFL Draft. Instead of bolstering their defense or improving the talent around Aaron Rodgers on offense, Green Bay traded up to take Utah State signal caller Jordan Love. A raw but talented prospect, Love is potentially a good replacement for Rodgers whenever that day comes, but it is hard to say that he can help Green Bay win a Super Bowl any time soon, especially while Rodgers (who makes a hilarious amount of money for the foreseeable future) is in town.

It’s a situation that is familiar to Packers fans in particular, as Green Bay drafted Rodgers in the first round to replace an aging Brett Favre. Rodgers sat for three seasons — getting the occasional mop-up cameo — until he took over, and for the entirety of his time on the bench, there was apparent tension regarding the arrangement.

So naturally, there are questions about whether the past will repeat itself with Rodgers and his presumed successor. Time will ultimately tell, but in the eyes of the dude Rodgers replaced, Green Bay’s All-Pro signal caller will make at least one more more pit stop before his career ends.

“Tom Brady and myself and Joe Montana and Peyton Manning, just to name a few, finished their career elsewhere,” Favre said. “In my case, I played for four different teams. So, I think you’re gonna see that trend more and more, and I think Aaron will finish somewhere else. That’s my gut.”

Favre made it a point to stress that this was a gut feeling and not something he knows for certain. There’s no guarantee that Love will turn into a replacement for Rodgers, or perhaps things will go more smoothly than they did with Favre and Rodgers, but it seems like Favre is under the impression Rodgers will follow in his footsteps and leave the Packers some day.