Brett Favre C*cktoberfest: Another Country Heard From

10.08.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

I appreciate that Jennifer Sterger is still finding ways to get people to talk about her. And that, in my opinion, was really what this whole Brett Favre C*CKTOBERFEST™ is about; I don’t see the point of dispensing “justice” like that almost two years after the fact.

That’s not to say that I’m opposed to it. Remember the Chinese adage, “Man who send picture to lady have erection that last forever.” I’m pretty sure that was Chinese. Anyway, Stephen A. Smith, another “sports personality” that won’t seem to go away, has sounded off his take on C*cktoberfest. Yes, we’re really calling it that.

From Smith’s Twitter page:

Just finished commenting about Favre and I’m about to do it again. Let me say this: We can get on Favre about his play, his avoiding…Training camp, and this nauseating love affair some in the media have with him. But to report on him trying to get with some girl is just…Wrong.

More importantly, it’s none of our damn business. What’s more, it epitomizes why athletes hate the media. You don’t dime out the dude…Like this. Especially if you’re a dude — b/c we all know we’ve chased honies from time-to-time in our lives. It’s hypocritical.

And for…Those who’d compare this to Tiger,



Too late!

Tiger was an issue because a police report was filed following his car accident and…The belief surrounding why it occurred. That’s not the case with Favre. It’s messed up. And although I respect Deadspin, they’re wrong here.

More from Screamin’ A after the jump.

You just don’t do this. It ain’t right. However, in the world of TMZ, Radar online and others, I really can’t knock DEADSPIN. It’s all business. I guess I’m just saying it’s wrong.

So in summation, “diming out” is bad because the cops weren’t involved and we’ve all f-cked around on our spouses anyway. Makes sense. I can’t believe this guy isn’t still on ESPN.

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