Brett Favre Celebrates Dr. King’s Legacy With Another Retirement

Don’t get too excited about Brett Favre’s latest headline grab, since he’s pulled this sort of thing before. No, not just the retiring, but Favre actually filed papers after the 2008 season, and then had to be reinstated by the league for his comeback with the Jets in 2009. Filing allows players to collect a one-time severance check, unless you’re Brett Favre, apparently.

Favre’s base salary for last season? Sixteen million bucks, according to Fox Sports. That–and three veteran players visiting his house–is what it took for Favre to come back for a 20th NFL season and pretend to be an NFL quarterback. Favre’s 69.9 passer rating was 29th in the league (worse than Chad Henne, for f*ck’s sake), and his 2,509 yards passing and 11 TD tosses were both career lows.

So, yeah, this is probably it for Favre, who has not one but two former teams in the playoffs. Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers and Mark Sanchez will make the balance of the NFL news as we head into the conference championships, and Favre will do what he wanted to do heading into the 2010 season–sit on his ass and watch everyone else play.