Brett Favre To Retire. Again

01.03.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Minnesota Vikings quarterback (and noted old guy that knows how to use a cell phone…allegedly) Brett Favre announced that he’ll be retiring now that his 20th NFL season is in the books, and he really means it this time! Favre’s 2010 season was among his most disappointing: after throwing a career-low 11 touchdown passes this season, he suffered a concussion in Week 15 and sat out his team’s last two games, including last week’s tilt against Detroit.

“I know it’s time, and that’s OK. It is,” Favre said after the 20-13 loss. “Again, I hold no regrets, and I can’t think of too many players offhand that can walk away and say that. Individually and from a team standpoint, it was way more than I ever dreamed of.”

“I don’t know for me if it’s ever easy,” Favre said. “I’m sure throughout this year, the comment has been made that, ‘We’ll wait and see in August or September’ and that’s fine. It’s time. I’m OK with it.”

–Y! Sports.

I’ll always believe that Favre thought he could wander into the Vikings locker room and simply pull another great season out of his ass like he did the year before, but Favre and the team never found their rhythm, and their season could not have been symbolized better than the collapse of the Metrodome last month. But I really think he’s done now; he was no longer a kid having fun out there. And that’s good, because most of us are ready to stop talking about him. He’s like that friend that comes over to your house unannounced on a Tuesday and you’re like Dude, it’s 12:30, I have to go to bed already. This is why I live in one of those mobile storage units. Who’d want to visit me there?

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