Brian Kelly Busted Out A Bad Southern Accent While Addressing LSU Fans At A Basketball Game

Brian Kelly shocked the college football world earlier this week when he left Notre Dame to become the next head coach at LSU. While the Fighting Irish have a chance to make it to the College Football Playoff this season if a few things go their way on Saturday, Kelly decided to end his 12-year tenure in South Bend to head on down to Baton Rouge.

The manner in which Kelly left — the news leaked one evening, then he called the team in for a 7 a.m. meeting the following day, then he spoke for less than four minutes without taking any questions from a roster of players who are going to make a New Year’s Six bowl at the bare minimum — led to a bad taste in a whole lot of mouths. But now, he’s got one of the most coveted jobs in all of college football and dear god what on earth is happening here?

Kelly showed up at the LSU men’s basketball team’s game against Ohio University on Thursday night. Despite being from Massachusetts and spending his entire coaching career in the Great Lakes region of the country, Kelly has apparently developed something of a janky southern accent that he used to address the fans. Anyone who has ever heard Kelly speak knows that man doesn’t exactly sound like his predecessor, Ed Orgeron, so this is very weird.

Buried in all of the accent talk: Kelly says “I haven’t even won all my games yet.” There is no chance this backfires, Brian.