Brian Scalabrine’s Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo Is The Best Thing Ever

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10.01.13 3 Comments

Brian Scalabrine Warriors

Now an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors, Brian Scalabrine (AKA The White Mamba) showed up for the team’s media day photo shoot sporting quite the shiner. I don’t know the reason for the black eye, and when I started to search around to find out why he was rocking it, I decided that I didn’t care. It’s Brian Scalabrine, after all, and he’s one of the most entertaining personalities of the NBA, whether he’s playing or coaching, and I’m just going to choose to use my imagination for this one.

For example, Scalabrine and the other Warriors coaches have been making regular trips to San Quentin prison to play against an inmate team (a very interesting read and I highly recommend it). So I like to think that maybe Scalabrine got into it with a prisoner or two and ended up battling everyone like Jet Li at the end of The One. Scalabrine would win, of course.

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(H/T to Red’s Army)

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