Surveillance Video Shows A Bloody And Vomiting Bruce MIller After He Allegedly Assaulted An Old Man

Fullback Bruce Miller was released by the San Francisco 49ers on Monday after allegedly assaulting a 70-year-old man at a hotel who was defending his son from an attack by Miller. In a video acquired by KTVU, Miller can be seen at a hotel across the street bloodied and vomiting, which hopefully means the old man at least got in a few good shots before a massive, 28-year-old man did the alleged damage that sent him and his son to a hospital.

According to the report, police said Miller tried to get a hotel room at the Marriott 15 minutes prior to the footage in the video. That’s when he came across the street covered in blood, sat on some steps, and puked, according to a witness who spoke to KTVU.

This was the second violent incident involving Miller this offseason. He pleaded no contest to a disturbing the peace charge earlier this year when he shoved his then-fiancée to the ground and smashed her cell phone.

Miller had been with the 49ers since 2011.