Bryce Petty Got Obliterated After The Jets Forgot To Block Ndamukong Suh And Cameron Wake

Someone on the Jets’ offensive line owes Bryce Petty an apology. During the fourth quarter of Saturday night’s Jets-Dolphins game, the ball got snapped to the second-year signal caller, who proceeded to get destroyed by Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake.

Why’d that happen? Well, for some reason, the Jets just didn’t block those two. Petty ended up getting the worst of it – he was hit so hard that he went airborne, which led to him getting hurt and going to the sideline.

Because this always seems to happen, Petty getting sidelined led to Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in for the Jets. There’s no word on how long Petty will be out, but if he’s not able to go next week, the team is in a weird spot. Fitzpatrick would likely start, but the only quarterback on the roster behind him is rookie Christian Hackenberg, who the team essentially wants to “redshirt” during the 2016 season.

Regardless of what happens or any fandom, hopefully Petty’s ok. This was a really nasty shot. Hopefully the next time he takes a snap, his line remembers to block the two massive defensive linemen who are pinning their ears back in an attempt to obliterate the quarterback.