Prepare Yourself For Two Weeks Of Garbage Takes About Cam Newton

cam newton
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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is fun, exciting, the best at his position this season and will play in the Super Bowl in two weeks. He will very likely take the field against the Denver Broncos as the new NFL MVP thanks to a regular season that saw him compile 4,500 total yards and 45 total touchdowns.

None of that will prevent the next two weeks from being a concentrated garbage fire of bad takes about Newton’s personality, demeanor and need for humility. We are virtually guaranteed to see the internet turned into a nuclear wasteland of Hot Cam Takes because that’s what happens whenever we get something wonderful like Cam Newton in our lives.

Don’t believe me? The trash was already being dumped on our lawns before NFC Championship beatdown was completed Sunday.

That’s a guy who has been licking the postage stamp on columns for a decade getting upset with dancing. Well, not dancing, but the number of dances deployed after a touchdown. One? Fine. Two? Pushing it. Three? Why that’s just way too many. Show some respect, Cam!

But let’s be fair; Reilly isn’t the only person sniffing his wine at a country club getting mad when athletes dance. That sentiment has existed long before Newton began his Superman celebration. Joy irks some people. At least others are pushing for fresh bad takes while Reilly recycles the old ones.

What about charity? What about giving a ball to a fan? How great is this? Nobody could possibly question the motives of [full stop]:

Andrew is right about one thing: He’s not the only person who thinks handing a ball to a kid is a show for TV. The world is filled with people who have terrible opinions, and no matter how terrible the opinion may be, someone shares it. There’s a guy employed by this very website who hates all cheeses. All of them. All cheese.

So before the Super Bowl matchup was even official, we have one man upset with Cam dancing and another man not pleased about Cam (and anyone, really) handing footballs to children after scoring. Cam could give away a puppy to every child in a stadium and someone will tweet, “Ugh, those puppies better all be adopted or this is bad” or “I hope he asked if these people have allergies but probably not because he never thinks of others.”

Next thing you know, people will be nitpicking the terminology Cam uses when…oh come on.

It’s only Monday. Two weeks of this is on tap. You’ve been warned.

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