Cam Newton Had To Jump In The Air To Complete This Amazing Touchdown Pass

Associate Editor

This is absurd, even by the lofty standards that Cam Newton has set for himself.Newton faced a ton of pressure on this play during Carolina’s game against New Orleans on Sunday. He had Ed Dickson all alone in the back of the end zone, and if he could just get the ball there, the Panthers would have six points.

But again, Newton was under pressure, and the only way he could get the ball to Dickson was if he did something unreal. Plus he was rolling to his left, and there was no way on earth he’d be able to get set and throw a pass that wasn’t incredibly awkward.

So Newton decided to remind everyone that he’s able to do things that no other quarterback in the league is able to do. He jumped in the air and threw the football while trying to get his torso squared up to his receiver. Getting the ball there required a ridiculous amount of arm strength and the balance to do something like this without getting thrown off. Plus he got pushed to the ground as he threw it, so he had to worry about a defender being right there. Cam Newton rules.

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