The MVP Is Cam Newton’s After His Historic Game Against The Giants

12.21.15 3 years ago
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Did you feel it there at the end of the game? That little sense of invisible chaos muscling its way into the Giants-Panthers narrative was powerful stuff, really potent as it was shoved down our collective throats. I mean, we thought we knew how this game was going to transpire right around midway through the second half. At 35-7 in the third quarter, there was no conceivable way the Giants could flip this game in their favor, certainly not against the mighty undefeated, undefeatable Panthers. A coaching assistant was probably already throwing Tom Coughlin’s stuff into those generic Home Depot moving boxes we always end up buying. Odell Beckham Jr. was already preparing his insanity defense for the jury. Ron Rivera was reaching into the table to gather his chips and cash out for the day.

And then! Oh, did the Giants make this unexpected fun. Or just super-painful. Depends entirely on your perspective, but suddenly remembering that Carolina is boasting a secondary at less than 100 percent strength, Eli Manning began carving his way through the defense. Beckham decided to focus more on catching footballs than causing traumatic brain injuries. Rashad Jennings ripped off a touchdown run to start the fourth-quarter fireworks. Suddenly, a gaggle of sports writers prepared to Select All-Delete on their game stories and cry into their free press box coffee even as they frantically sought out a fresh cup.

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