Cardale Jones Got Into A Twitter Fight With A Former Ohio State Teammate On The Seahawks

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Buffalo Bills and former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones is well known for his highly entertaining Twitter persona and he was up to his old tricks on Tuesday evening. There was some controversy in the game, but Jones’ team led early before faltering against the Seattle Seahawks by a final score of 31-25 on Monday night and, in the aftermath, former Ohio State and current Seahawks safety Tyvis Powell put forth a seemingly harmless tweet about his first experience on the national stage as a professional.

Within 24 hours, Jones responded by trying to shut Powell down with just two words.

From there, the two former teammates went back and forth taking various jabs, with Powell calling Jones “soft” and Jones firing back with a reference to Powell’s grandmother, among other highlights.

It appears that the two athletes were likely engaging in spirited discussion with relatively innocent tone, but that did not stop fans of the Buckeyes from grabbing their popcorn and being promptly entertained.

At the age of 24, Jones has not attempted an NFL pass and that has to be acknowledged when having any extended discussion about his personality and public profile. Still, he remains a source of entertainment with things like this, and not even former teammates are immune to his social media wrath.