This Carolina/Duke Managers Brawl Is The Bigfoot Of College Basketball Fights

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.12.14 4 Comments

Recorded with a roll of toilet paper and uploaded via the f*cking commode comes this outstanding yet somehow filmed-like-a-Bigfood-encounter clip of North Carolina and Duke squad managers throwing elbows and getting into a heated brawl during a game. I mean, it could be North Carolina and Duke. It could also be an episode of Rugrats. I can’t tell.

Regardless, you can see enough to see a UNC player bringing around a vicious, Metta World Peace-style elbow to brain a Duke player. That causes a brief brawl and tons of OOOOOOing, and I guess the people watching live are the only ones who’ll see it through a human’s eyes. We’ll have to settle for watching it through the eyes of a word processor from 1865.

Enjoy the pixelated Carolina Duke managers violence:

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