The Spanish Radio Call Of The Panthers Game-Winning 63-Yard Field Goal Is Spectacular

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The Carolina Panthers pulled out a last-second 33-31 win over the Giants on Sunday afternoon thanks to a 63-yard field goal as time expired from Graham Gano, setting a new franchise record for the longest field goal in Panthers history.

The call from the Kenny Albert and the Fox television crew is what you would expect, suspense as it’s in the air and some excitement as it goes through to seal the win, followed by the booth going quiet to let the moment and the images speak for themselves. It’s textbook TV broadcasting, handled exactly how you’d teach it.

However, sometimes, it’s nice to have more excitable announcers so someone matches your excitement with the call (that is, unless you’re a fan of the team on the wrong end of a big play). The ultimate in excitable announcers is Gus Johnson, whose Gusgasms are the thing of legend, but he’s no longer doing NFL games, so for that kind of call we must turn to the Spanish radio broadcast team for the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers tweeted out a video of the game-winner complete with the call from the Spanish radio announce duo and it is absolutely delightful, screaming “GANO LO GANO!” and then singing at the end.

It’s a spectacular call, and my favorite part is when he slips the “SEÑOR” in there in the middle. Radio calls always have the advantage when it comes to building suspense and unleashing emotion because they have to paint the entire picture, so they’re fully relaying everything they’re seeing and feeling to the audience, where TV broadcasters get to let the pictures to much of the work and describe the action around that — also, they’re usually radio announcers for the local market so they are allowed more freedom to get into the emotion of the moment.

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