Caroline Wozniacki Sells Underwear By Being Caroline Wozniacki In Underwear

Back in June, Danish tennis fox Caroline Wozniacki announced that she was launching her own line of signature underwear, because sometimes people earn a lot of money and want to make a little more, so underwear, right? Anyway, after what I can only assume was rigorous testing (thanks for nothing, Rory McIlroy) the line is ready to go, and by way of the fine men and other men at Guyism comes this clip of Woz selling underpants the only way we know how: by wearing them and having an incredible body.

The “This Is Me” campaign slogan is a little misleading (unless Caroline’s average, self-defining day involves her standing in a shower in her underwear making angry faces while a half-a-dozen people take pictures of her), but I think you’ll manage to make it through the video without complaining. I love stupidly literal ad campaigns. Her next line should be “These Are My Underpants”, followed quickly by “This Is Me Wearing Shoes I Made”.

Full video is below. You’re welcome.

Wozniacki describes the line as, “feminine lifestyle/leisure underwear collection for the girl that wants the good looks from fashion, a perfect fit for her body, and a quality that’s hard to beat”. I also would’ve accepted, “look at the pretty tennis lady”.