Eagles Fans Are Having A Hard Time Coping With Carson Wentz’s Potentially Torn ACL

12.10.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

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Carson Wentz just set the Eagles franchise record for touchdowns thrown in a season, and he’s a clear front-runner for league MVP. Sadly, his record-breaking touchdown was likely thrown on a torn ACL, and Philadelphia Eagles fans are having a hard time coming to grips with this cruel twist in their fairytale season.

Multiple reports are stating that the Eagles fear a damaged ACL for Wentz, despite him being able to play after the initial injury, and despite his walking off the field under his own power. Those facts don’t negate a serious injury, however, now Philly fans are wondering how they’re going to maintain a top seed in the NFC en route to what most assumed was a Super Bowl berth. It’s a reminder that fates can change instantly in the NFL.

The knife that fate twisted also included Joel Embiid, who will miss a game for the 76ers tonight, leaving Philadelphia sports fans in even further despair. Not to mention the fantasy football managers that were enjoying his four-touchdown game. If Wentz is out, it’s up to the extremely good Eagles offense to produce with Nick Foles, something they can do, but Foles is no Carson Wentz. That much they know.

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