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Sadly, we can't really add this to the tally of Bengals getting arrested; however, a Cincinnati man named Thomas Monahan, claiming Chad Johnson reneged on a promise to give away a Lexus, is suing the popular wide receiver, as well as the comedy club that held the raffle.

At the center of the suit…  is a claim that Johnson offered to raffle a Lexus he got as a gift from a Florida dealership. Monahan claims Johnson changed his mind and gave the car to a female friend. Tickets for the show were $17 each, according to the suit, and Monahan purchased $340 worth of tickets hoping to increase his odds on winning…

[Two] additional plaintiffs made an additional claim that they won trips from Johnson they never received. One was for a single person to go to Europe while the second was for the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

"Boo hoo hoo, I didn't get my Lexus so I'm gonna sue."  Welcome to life, asshole.  Monahan is probably also looking to sue Johnson for another instance during the 2006 season, in which Johnson promised to score two touchdowns for the Bengals but only came through with one.

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