Chael Sonnen Gave Out Stephanie McMahon’s Phone Number On TV, Wants You To Ask Her About CM Punk

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.13.14 25 Comments

Chael Sonnen Stephanie McMahon TSN CM Punk

From the Canadians who brought you “let Chael Sonnen and The Iron Sheik talk to each other about wrestling” comes “ask Chael Sonnen if his buddy CM Punk will be wrestling at WrestleMania,” an interview that ends with Chael challenging Triple H (I think?) and giving out Stephanie McMahon’s personal telephone number on television. That’s … probably not best for business.

Here’s the clip via TSN with the number blurred out. I would’ve popped so hard if it’d said 1-900-909-9900. Kids, get your parent’s permission before harassing this lady!

One of these days we’re gonna get a Chael Sonnen WrestleMania appearance that ends with SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO LIMA DELTA and me being the happiest person in the world. Or maybe a Chael vs. Heath Slater match where Chael calls him a chump loser for six months and then gets pinned in two minutes. But man, if this is all a work and he shows up in a YES Movement shirt on Monday I apologize for ever doubting WWE’s logic and marketing strategies.

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