And That's Why You Don't Go For a Double Moonsault

The With Leather audience is split down the middle when it comes to pro wrestling coverage. One half loves it, and spends hours every Monday night in one of our WWE Raw open discussion threads making esoteric jokes about the Christmas Creature or whatever. The other half can’t express their feelings beyond “fake” and “gay” and wish I’d hurry up and get back to posting UFC Ring Girls. Both sides are valuable to the community, so here’s something we can all agree on: when a pro wrestler almost dramatically kills himself in the ring, it’s a terrifying thing of interest.

This clip (borrowed from Cage Potato, which secretly just wants to be a wrestling blog) features Atlanta-based wrestler Charade going for a double rotation moonsault in a match at a Beyond Wrestling show in Rhode Island on September 30th and, well … sometimes your double rotation moonsault only gets 1 3/4 rotations, and that’s a terrible thing for your entire body.

If you’ve never seen a double moonsault, this is what it’s supposed to look like:

It is not supposed to look like this:

And I’m not just talking about the resolution.

The good folks at Beyond are holding a charity event on Sunday to help with Charade’s medical expenses, so if you’re in the area and are the type who watches this with your hands over your mouth mumbling “oh god,” you should check that out and do what you can to help. Worst case scenario, the next time you see a pro wrestler, remind him to never do this.