Charlie Sheen’s ‘Major League’ Reunion Photo Freaked Everyone Out With How Old They Look Now

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Major League, to this day, is among my favorite movies of all-time. Not sports movies (of which, I will argue it belongs at the top) or comedies (which, again, at least near the top of my list), but out of all the movies that have ever been made, it’s one of my favorites.

That, of course, is highly subjective, but it’s where I stand on the matter. Major League is an auto-watch whenever it’s on TV or if it’s on demand and I’m not looking for anything specific. It’s fun and one of the few sports movies that I find tolerable because the inevitable plot of “underdogs overcome adversity to become winners” is at least filled with funny moments. Because of how often I watch it and how funny it remains, sometimes I forget just how old the movie is.

Major League was released in 1989, which means we’re rapidly approaching the 30th anniversary of the film. Today, we all got a reminder of just how old the film is when three of its stars, Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Corbin Bernsen got back together and took a picture in the same pose as an old promotional picture for the film and they certainly look nearly 30 years older.

Look, it’s been nearly 27 years since the first picture was taken so of course they’re older, but it is a bit staggering how much different they look. The general reaction to the photo ranged somewhere from self reflection on how much time has passed since the movie came out, to downright shock at how rough the crew looks now.