11.25.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

I’m getting really uncomfortable with all this “Will Charlie Weis be in South Bend come 2010?” talk. It’s annoying; when nobody was looking it turned into the autumn’s answer to Brett Favre’s “Will he or won’t he?” There’s no new information to throw around. And with the new “controversy” surrounding Kansas football coach Mark Mangino, it’s turning out to be a bad year for morbidly obese college football coaches.

But even though the buyout clause in Charlie’s contract is roughly the GDP of New Zealand, everything seems to indicate that Weis will be gone by season’s end. Notre Dame has blocked tracking access to its private plane, providing enough cover for the school to shuttle in potential candidates away from the media’s watchful eye. And that was before he lost to UConn. Hell, ten years ago, UConn was still I-AA. Notre Dame wasn’t doing much better then, either.

I don’t even care anymore. When the regular season ends, we may have four undefeated teams in Division I-A, and all we can talk about is this asshole. Nobody would care if this wasn’t some school that had lost all of its prominence from yesteryear. Hopefully the end of the Weis Era will also mark the end of the People Still Give A Rat’s Ass About Notre Dame era. Sorry, Charlie.

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