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The Aiken (S.C.) Sheriff’s Office has closed the case on Stephanie Kirkland (pictured), who authorities thought molested some 13-year-old girl in a cheerleading studio [among other places..bow chicka wow-wow]. Five days ago, a continuance was granted during a prelim hearing to give the prosecution more time, which they probably squandered by harassing minorities and hiding behind billboards to catch speeders. And now they’re throwing out the case (Emphasis added):

[Kirkland] was charged with three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and four counts of lewd act upon a minor. Prosecutors said Friday there was not enough evidence. Assistant Solicitor Steve Kodman would say only that there were multiple inconsistencies in the victim’s statements.

“There are times where law enforcement has enough probable cause to make an arrest, but we have to be able prove it beyond a reasonable doubt to take it to court,” Kodman said.

The solicitor’s office does not anticipate any charges will be filed against the 13-year-old who alleged the charges.

And then there’s this gem:

The sheriff’s office said they have nothing that leads them to suspect the alleged victim lied.

The comments at the end of the article are an interesting read, if you consider reading “she was innocent” 50 times to be interesting. And if you think the justice in Aiken is excellent, you should try the ribs. Delicious.

[Aiken Standard] via [Busted Coverage]

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