The Justin Bieber Of Chess Needed Less Than Two Minutes To Tear Apart Bill Gates

Magnus Carlsen is the No. 1 chess player in the world and won the 2016 World Championship this week over what was presumably another nerd. I assume the tournament takes place somewhere nerdy that I’d never go, like a library or a Brooklyn coffeehouse. But good for him. Maybe this earns him a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory.

But four years ago, he squared off against the King of the Nerds, Bill Gates, and unsurprisingly destroyed him.

It’s also weird that the video is like, “hahaha, it took just nine moves for Carlsen to beat Gates.” Me? I’m wondering why it took so long. How can you be a chess grandmaster and need that long to beat a guy who invented computers? Imagine if Steph Curry played Bono 1-on-1 in basketball and it took him an hour to get to 11. Steph wouldn’t let that video out.

And another thing — Carlsen is, according to the British narrator with the sexy voice in that video, the “Justin Bieber of chess,” which is without question something Carlsen made up. No one has ever looked at a chess player and deemed him the [cool person] of chess. It’s also barely a compliment. To me, that indicates Carlsen sucks at chess and I’d like to see a video where he gets punched in the face outside a fast food joint at 2 a.m.

Since you were kind enough to sit through a bad chess video, here is a good chess video to send you off.

(h/t For The Win)