The Cubs Also Got A Chance To Live Out Their Stripping Dreams Thanks To ‘SNL’

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The Cubs are on top of the world at the moment after winning the World Series. Not only did they slaughter the curse of the billy goat with their victory and set a record with their championship parade, some of the players also got to show up on SNL to celebrate with Bill Murray. But they actually showed off a bit before Weekend Update, strutting their stuff at a surprise bachelorette party that ended up being the most morbid sketch of the night.

It seems simple enough at first, with Aidy Bryant playing the elderly bride-to-be who doesn’t take her surprise party too well and dies before the fun starts. It then turns into some sort of Weekend At Bernie’s situation that puts Benedict Cumberbatch into his first ridiculous wig of the night and puts his junk right in Bryant’s “dead” face. You have to give her some credit because she plays dead the entire time while being batted around by Cumberbatch’s ass and then the trio of Cubs players.

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