A Billy Goat Has Already Cursed This Guy’s Marriage

Before we start, I need several minutes to figure out what it says on her shirt. CUBE, maybe? I’ll update you after I’m done looking.

Anyway, the lady in the cube shirt is Erica, and in the latest moment in a long, storied history of failure at Wrigley Field, Erica left her seat at the perfect moment to miss the big ERICA, WILL YOU MARRY ME on the scoreboard. They don’t specify why she leaves, but my theory is “to put on several more bras”.

Things work themselves out, but this poor, stressed Cubbies fan has learned two important lessons: (1) Don’t propose to your girlfriend at a baseball game, no matter how much you like the team, and (2) don’t propose to someone while you’re wearing a backwards baseball cap. The damn goat could’ve materialized and can-chomped him in the junk while this was happening and it wouldn’t have been any more embarrassing.

Video is after the jump.

[h/t to Jimmy Traina]