Chiefs OT Eric Fisher Celebrated A Touchdown By Grabbing Beers And Impersonating Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you blinked you might have missed one of the touchdowns the Chiefs scored on Sunday. In an incredible display of offense, Kansas City took a 24-0 deficit after one quarter and turned it into a 51-31 lead in the fourth quarter. They scored on seven straight possessions and looked absolutely dominant in the process. Their seventh touchdown, in particular, was impressive for just how quickly the Chiefs managed to reach the endzone.

The Texans had just managed to bring it within 10 points when Patrick Mahomes found tight end Blake Bell for a quick response. Bell leaped into the crowd to celebrate with Chiefs fans and had teammates swarm him. Which is when offensive lineman Eric Fisher took advantage of the situation to have an even better celebration. He ran up to the crowd, found two cans of beer, and did his best Stone Cold Steve Austin impression, pouring the beers all over himself after slamming them together.

It was a tremendous homage to what is honestly one of the best moves out there in wrestling. There’s just something cool about smashing two beer cans together and downing them, especially as a victory celebration. Stone Cold loved it, too, posting a video on Twitter of the celebration with his iconic WWE entrance music played over the clip.

There are some questions left to answer here, though. Did the fans realize their beer was taken? Did they offer them up despite the extreme cost of beer inside NFL venuse? Was this pre-planned for this exact scenario? I’m hopeful it was a spur of the moment decision because that would make it even better. And maybe that Fisher will throw a few bucks at the fans he displaced of their beer after the fact. That stuff ain’t cheap.