The Chiefs’ Equipment Reportedly Ended Up In New Jersey Ahead Of Their Game Against The Patriots

The Chiefs will face the Patriots on Sunday in a major showdown of AFC contenders, but the drama isn’t just reserved for the on-field matchup between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

On Sunday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that a container of the Chiefs equipment, that included the bags of 35 players (more than half the roster) had been mistakenly sent to New Jersey rather than Boston, and was frantically being driven to Foxboro for the 4:30 p.m. ET kickoff.

An equipment container that contained some of the Chiefs’ shoulder pads, helmets and footballs was not unloaded Saturday and instead accidentally made its way to Newark, New Jersey, where it now is being rushed back to Boston in time for Sunday’s 4:30 p.m. ET kickoff between Kansas City and the New England Patriots, per league sources.

It is a bizarre situation and will certainly throw off the Chiefs’ warmup routine, but before conspiracy theorists begin wondering if this is just the latest instance of Patriots shenanigans, Schefter was sure to report that the error was all on the Chiefs, not on the part of the Pats or league. Apparently, the team never unloaded the container of equipment off of the plane and it ended up going to New Jersey. The good news is that the equipment made it to the stadium in time and as such the Chiefs won’t have to forfeit the game — which would’ve been the ruling had it not.

The disaster scenario has been averted and we’re able to get the AFC title game rematch from a year ago we’ve been waiting for since the schedule came out. However, whoever is in charge of the equipment and travel details for Kansas City surely will have some questions to answer from higher ups.