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Dr. Naismith's great American game.

How many Polish guys does it take to misname a regular season NBA game? Surprisingly, just one: Bucks' head coach Larry Krystkowiak. Yes, the so-called "Chinese Super Bowl" was less than spectacular as the Rockets' Yao Ming scored only 12 points and his countryman, Yi Jianlian, manged only 6 for Milwaukee. (Incidentally, #36 on the menu at the Dragon Palace, also called the Chinese Super Bowl, is also less than spectacular. It seems like a lot of food, but you're hungry again one hour later.) Yao and Yi's poor play didn't affect Tracy McGrady, who led all scorers:

"Two hundred million people watching — that's when you've got to bring your 'A game,"' said Tracy McGrady, who led the Rockets with 33 points. "That's amazing that there's double the people watching a regular season NBA game as the Super Bowl." 

From that statement, it may seem like McGrady only performs when there's a lot of people watching. Not my T-Mac, perish the thought. Anyway, Milwaukee ran with Krystkowiak's characterization of the match-up:

The Bucks decided to make Saturday's game into an early Chinese New Year party, featuring Chinese musical performers in the stadium's atrium area before the game and adding Chinese fare to the concession stands. Signs were posted saying "Happy New Year" in Chinese and English.

It's about time. Milwaukee hasn't celebrated a new year, Chinese or otherwise, since 1979. -KD  

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