Chris Evans Really Wants To Meet Tom Brady

Chris Evans seems like a pretty nice, grounded guy overall, but the one glaring character flaw of his is that he remains a diehard Boston sports fan.

I kid, of course, Bostonians, but Evans is in fact unwavering in his support for the Patriots, and just like most other Massachusetts natives, he’s completely starstruck by Tom Brady.

Evans recently sat down with Collider mostly to talk about his directorial debut on the film Before We Go, but he also touched on his sports fandom, as he and interviewer Steve “Frosty” Weintraub waxed poetic about their shared love of the reigning Super Bowl champs.

When Weintraub joked that the only reason Evans got into movies in the first place was to get good seats at Fenway Park and meet Tom Brady, Evans revealed that, somehow, despite the fact that he is literally Captain America, he still hasn’t had a face-to-face meeting with the Super Bowl MVP.

“Clearly that’s the agenda…It was really just a way to maybe meet Tom Brady someday, that’s it. It’s driving me crazy I’ve got to meet the guy.

If it happens organically it does, but I don’t want to go stalk the guy….I don’t even know how I’d handle myself. I might like pee my pants or something.”

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about Evans’ love of the Pats, of course, as he famously bet with diehard Seahawks fan and fellow Marvel superhero Chris Pratt on last years’ Super Bowl, which of course Evans won. The two combined to raise more than $27,000 in charity due to the bet, and showed up in costume to visit some sick children.

Someday, Evans will assuredly get to meet his hero, but let’s all just hope he doesn’t put him in any more movies.

(Via Collider)