Chris Johnson Wants that Scrilla

05.19.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

He has his mother's eyes

Titans running back and noted gold tooth enthusiast Chris Johnson has recently run away from police voiced complaints to Titans management about his contract. The reigning NFL Offensive POY is set to make 550K next season, a condition of his rookie contract. Johnson, who rushed for over 2,000 yards last season, has threatened to hold out of his contract; a move that has been supported by former NFL stars including Warren Sapp, Eddie George, and Marshall Faulk.

“Chris has outplayed his rookie deal. He has beyond exceeded the expectation where he was drafted,” Faulk said. “When you are drafted you are paid as to where you were drafted, not to how you play. And then after you play and prove your worth you are then paid as to how you play. He has exceeded the money he is making, the Titans know it and everyone in the league knows it.” –

Johnson’s rookie contract pays him 12 million dollars over 5 seasons. Considering NFL superstar colossal bust JaMarcus Russell made 68 million over 6 seasons, with 31.5 million guaranteed, Johnson’s dominating performance last season makes him deserving of a better deal. He has said that he wants to be the highest-paid offensive player in the league, money he could spend to buy more grills and pimped out cars.

A very convincing case for Chris Johnson’s payday after the jump.

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