Christmas Is Officially Over, So Here’s The Rest Of The Christmas Stuff

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12.26.12 2 Comments

We don’t really ease back into our regular features scheduling until Monday, but Christmas is over, right? That’s it. When the 26th hits, it’s the end of the “everybody singing Jingle Bells” jazz and straight into non-stop year-end lists until January.

We didn’t get to write about EVERYTHING Christmas-related this season and a lot of stuff is just being shared around today, so I thought I’d perform a gesture of good will and put everything relevant to post-Christmas Wednesday in one handy spot for the enjoyment of all. Or the enjoyment of anybody still clinging to Christmas, I guess.

Up first: School children singing a Robert Griffin III Christmas carol.

Via CSN Washington. Now I’ll never be able to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas without thinking Vincent Guaraldi was trying to throw shade at Andrew Luck.

Up next, by way of Cosby Sweaters … uh, a couple of Cosby sweaters. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul wore ugly Christmas sweaters to a presser, because irony and jokes.

The NBA was kind of a black hole for Christmas joy this year. For example, here’s Chris Bosh’s Christmas card:

… and the living version of Chris Bosh’s Christmas card, Santa going for a dunk and bashing his face on the rim. (By way of NeutralZone)

And finally, so you don’t think everything from Christmas was horrible, here’s Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed and offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie singing ‘Silent Night’ at a karaoke bar.

Wait … everything was horrible. Thanks, Pro Football Zone.

See you guys next year, when CFL star Tim Tebow and girlfriend Lindsay Lohan sing ‘Christmas Shoes.’

[banner image via Cage Potato’s Merry ChristMMAs: A Photoshopped Tribute]

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