Watch Chuck Liddell Teach Sean Hannity How To Throw Haymakers

Conservative talking head Sean Hannity has been hitting the mixed martial arts gym for the past two years, losing 27 pounds in the process. Another positive side effect: It helps Sean feel superior to Barack Obama:

“President Obama, he delicately jogs on his elliptical and struggles to lift two-pound weights, while I’ve been engaging in a real exercise.”

Sean practices “street martial arts,” a mix of kickboxing, Japanese jujutsu, standing submissions, Filipino stick fighting, and blade/firearms training. I assume Brazilian jiu-jitsu seemed a little too fancy for the starched collar commentator. If you ever end up in a fight with him, I suggest taking him down rather than facing his fists of fury.

And those fists are only getting more furious as Hannity delves deeper into the sport. Somehow, he ended up spending an afternoon training with Chuck Liddell, who walked Sean through some of his favorite moves, including his signature overhand and left hook.

Are we witnessing the beginning of MMA’s newest prodigy? How long will it take until Steven Seagal shows up to teach Hannity some deadly stuff? The two could swap stories on how awesome and manly Vladimir Putin is.