Here Are The Weird Details Of A Cincinnati Football Employee Who Rubbed His Penis On A 73-Year-Old Woman

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Let thee who hasn’t rubbed his penis on a septuagenarian cast the first stone. Meet Antrione Archer everyone, the director of Player Welfare And Development for the University of Cincinnati Football Program. This past June, Archer was arrested after inappropriately touching a 73-year-old woman in a grocery store. The details of the story are about as disturbing as you’d imagine.

According to court records, police said Archer was in the Fort Mitchell Kroger May 27 and asked a 73-year-old employee for help finding some vitamins. Police said while she was helping him, Archer quote, “pulled his penis from his pants,” and also, “placed his exposed penis against her backside.” Police said he did this several times at different locations throughout the store. The incident was caught on store surveillance cameras. Two weeks later, after police had identified Archer as a suspect, he was interviewed and confessed.

The school has since fired Archer, more than 3 months after the incident. Can’t say I blame them for not knowing. I mean, it’s not like Archer updated his Facebook status: “Hey guys, rubbed my penis on an old woman today. But how about that whole Ebola thing huh? THANKS OBAMA!”

What a demented pervert. I sincerely hope this woman punched him in his exposed penis. Sounds like an a$$hole who preys on the elderly.

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