How Did This Foul Ball Land Perfectly Wedged Between Two Railing Bars?

05.24.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

[mlbvideo id=”129245883″ width=”650″ height=”390″ /]

Major League Baseball is apparently under the spell of witchcraft. That’s the only logical way to explain things like this fan catching a flying baseball bat with one hand while hanging on to their beer with the other. It’s also why Indians outfielder Michael Brantley hit a foul ball that perfectly wedged in between railing bars along the left-field line. Since Brantley’s dark magic occurred in the first inning of Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds, we can only assume this is just the beginning. The beginning of what, exactly? We’ll find out.

Now, if the MLB witch could only conjure a spell that would allow better grip on baseballs so the use of foreign substances wouldn’t be required by pitchers.


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