Colin Kaepernick Responded To The Outpouring Of Support That Shot His Jersey Sales To No. 1

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Colin Kaepernick is no longer just a talented quarterback with a questionable future in the NFL. He’s now an avatar for America’s conflicting and often contradictory ideas on race, protest, and patriotism. Happily, much of the more recent discussion surrounding Kaep’s kneeling protest of the national anthem has been from other athletes announcing their solidarity.

What’s more, many Americans have responded with support for Colin’s protest by buying his jersey more than any other player’s, turning it into a truly rare form of political consumerism. Who would have thought that an NFL jersey could be a symbol for activism? Of course, there’s one problem with that form — it still puts money in the hands of the NFL itself, which as an organization tends to conflate patriotism with pageantry.

But Kaepernick has seen the problem with this trend, and once again has decided to step up and put his money where his mouth is:

Though he was vague, Kaepernick’s promise to donate his jersey proceeds to community organizations is yet another well-considered move. He’s quickly supplanted Carmelo Anthony as a leader in this new wave of athlete activism, willing to take stronger actions and stick to his principles even in the face of virulent opposition. Here’s hoping he keeps it going. And he helps bring about positive change along the way.