A College Baseball Game Ended On The Worst Strike Call In The Sport’s History

Baseball can be a very difficult sport to umpire. Strikes and balls, in particular, can be tricky, as the strike zone can change for basically no reason at all based on how the ump feels about the pitch they just saw. Having gotten that out of the way: A college baseball game between New Orleans and Mississippi Valley State on Friday night ended with quite possibly the worst called strike I have seen in my entire life.

Davon Mims of Mississippi Valley State was at the plate with two outs and no one on in the top of the ninth inning, and while the likelihood of a comeback was low, everyone knows you can’t predict baseball. The count was 1-1 when Trey Usey threw a breaking ball that was a little low but got called a strike — it’s one that we’ve all seen called before, even if Mims was justified in feeling hard done by that one.

And then, there was pitch that ended the game. I’ll just drop in the video and let you make a call:

This thing might have hit the outside of the catcher’s foot if he didn’t get his glove down there. Mims was so upset that the opposing catcher even held him back from the umpire (and in fairness, he was pretty right to be upset about this one). There are two more games in the series this weekend, so here’s hoping we don’t see anything worse than this one.