College Football Viewing Guide, Week 10: We’re Inching Closer And Closer To The Playoff

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Hey, the first College Football Playoff Top 25 of the year came out this week! That’s cool. It’s always fun to get a sense of what the committee thinks, and the fact that it waits until more than halfway through the season to give us a Top 25 is great. Polls are super dumb for the first, like, month of the year (see: Notre Dame, Stanford, Michigan State), so the fact that the committee takes two-ish months to absorb as much information as possible before making a decision is awesome.

But even though that’s the case, the committee’s first poll is not something worth getting fired up over (polls super dumb for the first month of the year, but they’re always not totally worth getting angry over until the end of the season). The big controversy is over the team ranked fourth – Washington is probably better than Texas A&M, even though the Aggies got put fourth. The Huskies are fifth in S&P+, A&M is 16th. Total side note, but the three teams currently in the Playoff are ranked one (Michigan), two (Alabama), and four (Clemson), with the third-best team by S&P+ being Louisville …which was ranked seventh earlier this week.

The great thing about all of this, though, is how everything always seems to play itself out with the Playoff committee. Between the fact that the committee is willing to be really flexible with this stuff and the fact that it’ll be almost impossible to keep out a squad like an undefeated Washington team that wins the Pac-12, everything should be alright. Heck, I’m not convinced that a one-loss A&M would make it in over a two-loss Oklahoma team that wins the Big XII with an unblemished record in-conference, but that’s for another time.

This applies with other things that seem like they’re a bit off. My Top 5 is Alabama, Michigan, Washington, Clemson, and Ohio State. Nebraska and Penn State are probably a little too high. LSU and Oklahoma may be a little too low. That’s all ok! This poll doesn’t really matter right now – it gives us an idea of what the committee is thinking, which helps us set an expectation for what should happen come Playoff time, but ultimately this poll doesn’t do anything outside of give us something to talk about.

As always, let’s just enjoy football. This week’s slate is kinda meh from noon until the night games kick off, but this sport has a weird way of making you think that it’s going to be a slow, boring weekend. The next thing you know, it’s 1 a.m. and you’re laying in bed going “my god, today was awesome.”

Anyway, football!

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