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#1 North Carolina defeated #6 Duke in Durham last night 76-68 to even the season series and lock-up the top seed in the ACC tournament. Is this the best rivalry in sports or what? Um, I'll take the 'or what' and ponder the question while I look at some more pics of lovely Antonella

In Big East action, the Jesuits from D.C. beat Rick Pitino's depleted Louisville squad 55-52 to claim their second straight conference title. Meanwhile, Pitino's former team, the Providence Friars, lost to Villanova 73-63. This means if DePaul can somehow defeat Pittsburgh today, the mighty Blue Demons would secure the last seed in the Big East tournament. Undoubtedly, they will begin their historic run to San Antonio at Madison Square Garden as everybody knows they excel in tourney play. I felt a little like a traitor rooting for the Augustinians to best the Friars since the good Dominican sisters taught me everything (and I mean everything) I know. The Good Lord knows I would like every Catholic school go to the conference tourney except for those dastardly black robes from Milwaukee and Georgetown, but you can't fight a vast Vatican conspiracy. Sure, you think I'm crazy, but wait 'til the truth is revealed in the next thriller by Dan Brown.

Oh yeah, UCLA won an exciting game, and John Wooden is being treated for a rapid heart rate — probably because he read Monday Morning Punter's post on the Bruins. -KD         

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