Watch The Refs Fumble And Bumble Colorado’s Chance At A Last-Second Play

The first night in the college football season may have been a little short on highlights, but it produced one hell of a lowlight. The University of Colorado Buffaloes opened their season on the road against the University of Hawaii on Thursday night, and though the trip might have been a pleasant one (long flight aside, how many teams would love for their road games to be in Hawaii?), it had a sour ending.

Down 28-20 with the clock ticking down, Colorado set themselves up for a third down in Hawaii’s red zone with about 13 seconds left. That should be plenty of time to get another play off, but the officials all turned into panicked ballboys uncomfortably thrust into the spotlight and, with the help of an ignorant(?)(???) Hawaii player, managed to fail to spot the ball for one last Buffalo play. It wouldn’t have been as simple as a goal line plunge to pull off, but it wasn’t exactly a hail mary, either.

The difference between a win and a loss is never as simple as one play, and the Buffs made their fair share of mistakes, but don’t tell that to a pissed-off Colorado fan today. As they see it (and you would, too, if you rooted for them), when the Buffs finish their miracle season at 12-1 and don’t make the College Football Playoff, they’ll have those butter-fingered refs to blame.

(Via Pacific Takes)