The Colts Tried A Field Goal In A Blizzard And It Went Horribly Wrong

12.10.17 1 year ago 4 Comments

The Lake Effect is, well, in full effect this weekend in Buffalo, which means tons of snow is being dumped onto western New York. Naturally, the Bills played a home game against the Colts and because the NFL is ridiculous and people think a blizzard is “football weather,” they tried to play the game.

I say tried because what was happening at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday afternoon was less football and more performance art. Neither offense could really throw the ball and the television broadcast was almost worthless because you could barely see what was happening on the field due to the massive amount of snow falling from the sky — the Colts wearing all white didn’t help matters.

The Colts did, somehow, manage to drive into Bills territory late in the first quarter, but the drive stalled out just inside the red zone. Rather than recognizing the disastrous conditions rendering the kicking game nearly impossible, the Colts trotted poor Adam Vinatieri out there to try a 33-yard field goal and it went, predictably, horribly wrong.

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