Conan O’Brien Must Apologize To Tampa Today

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10.03.11 15 Comments

In case you missed “Conan” on TBS last week, and judging by the ratings you probably did, Conan O’Brien caused a minor stir after he Tweeted the following message to his fellow Boston Red Sox fans:

“Remember, Red Sox fans, they still have to live in Tampa.”

And because we’ve already seen that no sports fans in Tampa can take a simple, harmless joke, local shock jock Mike “Cowhead” Calta once again rallied his legions of mouth-breathing, stay-at-home Nickelback fans and demanded that O’Brien issue an official apology on his TV show.

WHPT-FM afternoon drive host Mike “Cowhead” Calta got his fans involved too.

An explicit hashtag resulted — #F–kCoco — along with a campaign to harass, (I mean, remind) the TBS star into taking back his insult.

Calta posted tweets with the number for O’Brien’s offices and the personal cellphone of the show’s publicist, Drew Shane.


Surprisingly, O’Brien caved to Cowhead’s demands and issued a full apology on last Thursday’s show.

Calta has apparently issued a “demand” to O’Brien for an honest, sincere apology by tonight’s show, which he probably won’t get, but I’m very disappointed that O’Brien would even acknowledge this last-of-a-dead-breed radio “personality” in the first place. Then again, I suppose if Cowhead is a big enough attention-starved dick to give out the publicist’s personal phone number, then it warrants O’Brien unzipping for a little pissing match. Again, it’s not like “Conan” is really raking in the viewers either.

But if you really want to see the irony of a guy like Cowhead bitching about a joke about his city and claiming to be offended, look no further than his website, on which he features something called “Retarded News,” presented with a picture of a person with an intellectual disability. I’m not saying that I’m offended by something like that, but if he’s going to rain down the thunder of a few thousand of Hillsborough County’s finest, then it’s only fair that he be made aware of his own hypocritical insensitivity.

As for the city of Tampa and its fine, upstanding residents – it’s not exactly Paris, France. Hell, it’s not exactly Paris, Texas. Not to mention that the Rays actually play in St. Pete, which is a pretty nice city, but neither city really matters because it was a joke. People make fun of other cities all the time, so it’s ridiculous that the people of Tampa are pretending like they’re above sports rivalries. Ultimately, I guess most cities are simply lacking butt-hurt radio retreads who spend their free time talking sh*t to people on Twitter.

And I’ve included a sampling of Tampa’s finest residents and their HILARIOUS comebacks on the next page.

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