Connor Cook Made A Lot Of People Angry With His ‘Disrespect’ Following The Big Ten Championship

A lot of people were mad at Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook on Saturday night. It had nothing to do with his performance in the Spartans’ Big Ten Championship Game win over Iowa, but rather, it was based on an interaction he had with Archie Griffin after the game. While Griffin handed Cook the game’s MVP trophy, Cook seemed to brush him off in a way that a lot of people really didn’t like.

There are a whole hell of a lot more of these, you can find them by searching Cook’s handle on Twitter, but the long and the short of it is that Cook managed to make a lot of people really angry. Once he saw what happened, he made it a point to take care of business and apologize. First, he went onto TV and basically said that he got caught up in the moment, didn’t realize what happened, and when he saw that he was being criticized, he watched the clip and saw where everyone was coming from.

He also decided to hop onto Twitter and offer another quick apology to the sport’s only two-time Heisman Trophy winner.

Some of the replies to those tweets are exactly what you’d expect, but to Cook’s credit, he did seem really upset about the entire thing. A lot of credit goes to the Spartan quarterback for facing this head on, but hopefully the next time he’s given some kind of trophy, he daps up the person presenting it so we don’t have to have this discussion again.

(via Detroit Sports Nation)