Conor McGregor’s Destruction Of Eddie Alvarez Got The Super Saiyan Treatment

Contributing Writer

Conor McGregor made history at UFC 205, knocking out Eddie Alvarez to become the first UFC fighter to ever hold two championship belts simultaneously. That’s no feat to scoff at, but just as impressive was the way in which McGregor dispatched Alvarez. From the start of the fight, the Irish fighter was landing fierce accurate shots right on Eddie’s jaw and temple, dropping one of the most battle tested fighters in the UFC three times in the first round.

In the second round, he piled on the damage with a killer combo that hit Eddie several times as he fell to the ground in defeat. It was a stunning display, and Conor McGregor looked like a fighter who’d just evolved into some sort of super human. So it’s fitting that he becomes the latest athlete to get the Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan treatment.

The clip was made by Super Saiyan enthusiast RayRod, who has been doing a great job immortalizing many of the best MMA moments of 2016. His last Super Saiyan gif of Donald Cerrone knocking out Rick Story was a particular favorite of everyone here at Uproxx, so we’re glad to see he’s back with more love for Conor McGregor.

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