The Big Conor McGregor Vs. Nate Diaz Rematch Is Rumored To Finally Take Place At UFC 202

It was only a few days ago that UFC president Dana White said a rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor may never come together. “But I’m trying!” he declared earnestly in an appearance on SportsCenter.

It looks like he wasn’t lying on that account, as word has now leaked that McGregor and Diaz are rumored to fight at UFC 202 in August. The date was originally reported by UK tabloid The Mirror, but now we have a much more reliable source in the form of MMA Fighting.

As proof White is doing whatever is required to get the deal done, look no further than the above Instagram video showing Nate Diaz slapping him upside the head with Nate’s caption “Getting deals done today #immagetmymoney #stocktonslapped #ufc @representltd #100.” That’s about as Diaz as it gets. To those worried the video is a less than positive development, check out these updates from ESPN’s Brent Okamoto:

After throwing a monkey wrench into rematch plans by demanding way more money, it sounds like Nate Diaz is ready to work out a deal everyone can agree too. Of course, he wouldn’t be a Diaz brother if that deal didn’t involve slapping his boss, would he?

(via MMA Fighting)