Conor McGregor Reveals The Date He Plans To Shock The World By Beating Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor plans to shock the world by beating Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, and he plans to do it sometime around September. The outspoken UFC champion confirmed talks with the pound for pound great were near completion, and now a fight that was once considered the longest of long shots is now nearly ready to roll thanks to a late blessing from UFC president Dana White.

McGregor was in New York City’s legendary Madison Square Garden on St. Patrick’s Day to walk fellow Irishman and Olympic boxer Michael Conlan into the ring, wherehe won a third round KO over Tim Ibarra to the delight of a raucous crowd. Leading up to the main event, McGregor promised he’d prove the doubters wrong about his chances against Floyd.

“Floyd doesn’t know what’s coming, the boxing world doesn’t know what’s coming,” he yelled at reporters ringside. “When I step in there, I’m going to shock the whole world. Twenty eight years of age, confident as a mother, long, rangy, dangerous with every hand. I’m going to stop Floyd and you’re all going to eat your f**king words. The whole world is going to eat their words.”

He refused to give a date when talking to the press, but he later cleared up his timeline with the LA Times.

“[September] is what I’m thinking,” he said. “That’s what the word is. That’s what we’re close to doing.”

While few people give McGregor much of a chance of winning a fight with Mayweather, not many thought he could pull together the superfight to begin with … yet here we are. Conor McGregor’s favorite past time seems to be proving people wrong, and a win over Floyd Mayweather would be the biggest example of that to date in a career already packed full of “I told you so” moments.