A Baylor Player’s Shirtless Postgame Press Conference Sparked Some Hot Takes

Baylor defeated Iowa State 45-27 on Saturday to remain undefeated and, along the way, wideout Corey Coleman became the Bears’ all-time leader in receiving touchdowns with 31.

However, no one seems to be talking about Coleman because of the fact that he set the record while finishing with six receptions for 85 yards and two scores. Instead, they are talking about Coleman because he opted not to wear a shirt during his postgame press conference.

Having gone to collegiate press conferences before, I can tell you players stumbling out of the locker room to do a presser in whatever they happen to be wearing at the time is not really that unusual (flip flops are pretty routine, especially in college hockey) but I can admit I’ve never actually seen a player do a press conference without a shirt.

It’s certainly an interesting choice, but it does not actually make any difference whatsoever. Still, some people on Twitter just could not resist their hot takes.

Yes, good point random Twitter user. Coleman’s choice not to wear a shirt means he will certainly struggle with learning the intricacies of a pro-style offense (*eyes roll back inside of my head*).

Somehow, I think Baylor and Coleman might be able to get through this “controversy” without too much damage.