A Black Cat Got On The Field And Delayed Cowboys-Giants In The Second Quarter

The Giants and Cowboys met on Monday night in a divisional matchup where the Cowboys looked to maintain its spot on top of the NFC East by a half-game with a win.

The Giants jumped in front early, however, on a field goal following a Dak Prescott interception to open the game. New York would get a second turnover in the second quarter when Jabrill Peppers jarred the ball free from Randall Cobb with a hit. The Giants were moving down the field looking to extend their lead from 9-3 when their drive was delayed by an unexpected visitor on the field.

A black cat ran onto the field and spent a few minutes trotting around, looking very upset (and likely terrified) at its situation. Understandably no one wanted to try and scoop up the clearly freaked out kitty, so the result was a number of state troopers and security trying to herd the cat into the tunnel.

Kevin Harlan, calling the game on radio, delivered a delightful call of the whole event.

The eventually succeeded and the cat seems no worse for wear. The Giants would drive the ball inside the Cowboys 10, but have to settle for a second field goal. Dallas would score a touchdown on the ensuing drive to cut the lead to 12-10.

The more superstitious among Giants fans may worry the black cat on the field signaled some kind of bad omen for the G-Men but I’d say their bigger issue is, well, you know the whole not being very good thing.

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